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Giloy and Its Healthy Benefits 

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It is found almost at most of the places in India. It has been given the name of life. It grows very fast where. The best thing about Giloy is that it never dies. Where you through the belt of giloy it starts growing there automatically. You can plant this at your house or in garden near your house. I planted this 1 month ago and it is growing at very fast speed. It has many health benefits and in almost all the medicines giloy is being used as it can cure many diseases easily. It is consumed by taking out the juice from it and mixed with 20-30 ml of water. Best time to consume it is the morning time. 

Benefits : 

1. To increase platelets in dengue : Give the patient of giloye bell 2-3 times a day, or grind it with 7-8 leaves of giloyi, take 4-5 basil leaves and add it in a glass of water and boil it and make it 3-cup papaya. By taking 4 leaves of juice and taking 3-4 times in a day, the patient gets increased platelet content rapidly. There is no better treatment than this to increase platelet. If you are suffering from severe dengue i would recommend to have giloy 2-3 times in a day to cure faster. If you don't get the giloy belt in that case go to any ayurvedic store like patanjali to get the giloy tablets and have one daily to cure dengue fast. 

2. Beneficial for eyes : If you are suffering from eyes related diseases or want to improve your eyesight the giloy juice is recommended 2-3 times in a day to get your spectacles removed. It improves the eyesight in very less time. 

3. Removes irritation : If you are suffering from feet, hands or any kind of irritation on your body and taking medications but stiff you are not able to cure. Then go for the giloy juice daily in the morning with neem leaves and amla juice get the results faster. 

4. Remove blood sugar : Giloy increases the immunity of the body and removes the body's lack of blood. For this, after mixing giloya juice ghee or honey twice a day in the morning, it reduces the lack of blood in the body.

5. Beneficial in ear pain : Ear pain is cure by humming the juice of giloy leaves and putting in the ear. 

6. Beneficial in fever : Giloy is a chemical that is also a blood-stopping, oozing, heart disease, researcher and liver tonic. By mixing honey in the juice of Giloy, repeated fever is cured. Or take a mixture of peepal powder and honey in giloya juice, it cures high fever and cough.

7. Beneficial in stomach disorder : It can cure any stomach disorder. Just make a juice of the giloy and adding honey and drinking it daily will cure the stomach disorder very easily and faster. 

8. Beneficial in cough and cold : If you are suffering from cold and cough and taking medications but still you are not able to recover. The best way is to drink giloy juice as it can cure cold and fever very easily and faster. You don't even need to take medicines to cure your cough and cold now. 

9. Removes vomiting : So many people suffers from the vomiting in summer due to the heat and not able to survive properly. This best way is to drink giloy juice in the morning. This will cure the vomiting easily. 

10. Beneficial in Jaundice : Giloy's intake is very beneficial in jaundice. For this, mixing one spoon of Giloya powder, one spoon of black pepper or triphala mixed with powdered honey and licking gives benefits in jaundice. Or grind the leaves of Giloy and remove its juice. Mixing a spoonful of juice in a glass of whey and drinking it early in the morning, jaundice is cured.

These are the common diseases people suffer from. It can be used for any disease like arthritis, asthma, diabetes etc. So whenever you are suffering from any disease drink giloy juice and you will see the results soon. 


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