Beware of Hidden Calories in Food

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Beware of Hidden Calories in foods 

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Most of time when we are done with the weight loss and working to maintain weight we think that now it is time to eat anything, anytime. We don't look for the foods that contains hidden calories which are ignored by us most of the time. We as of human have the cravings about the foods which want to eat but are not eating from so much time. 

What are the hidden calories : Foods that looks like less calorie food but contains very much calories you can not even imagine. Example: 2 samosas can give as many as 800-900 calories, which is roughly equal to 14 slices of bread, and you may need to walk up to 15 km to burn off just those calories. The high calorie value is not because of the wheat pastry or potato stuffing, it is because of the oil that was used for frying it. Our mind never sees the oil in the foods that we eat and contains high calories. We mention the calorie from roti and fruits but never talk about the oil being used to cook. So how to stop having these hidden calories in your food. 

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Steps to Avoid Hidden Calories: 

1. Reduce oil use: Use a cooking oil spray to coat the pan, instead of pouring oil form the bottle in the pan for cooking.

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2. Replace oil, when possible: For preparing foods like aloo tikki or potato patties, spray with the oil and grill in the oven. Agreed that it will not taste exactly like the fried version, but the huge calorie saving may be worth it. 

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3. Shallow fry, if you must: Use shallow frying instead of deep frying. 

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4. If fried, drain oil: If you fry say, samosa or tikki, place them in a tilted place on a paper that would soak oil. You will be amazed to see how much oil can be drained without compromising on the good taste. 

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5. Pick food from oil: If you have ordered the chicken masala in a restaurant, and if you are watching calories, you are likely to eat little, if any, of the piece of chicken and instead eat the gravy. You should do the opposite. It is the gravy that has all the oil. Eat less of the gravy and you will save on the calories. 

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6. Reduce unnecessary sugar: Make it a point to not drink sugar- sweetened beverages. Those provide a lot of sugar calories in a glass of water. Instead, if you wish to drink colas, their diet counterparts are freely available and these have zero calories. And yes, they are safe to drink and not poisonous. 

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7. Reduce food without missing it: Burgers or sandwiches generally have one bread buttered or with mayonnaise. Remove that bread. You will eat fewer calories and yet enjoy the sandwich or the burger. Skin of chicken contains a lot of fat. Make tandoori chicken without the skin. Worth the calories savings. 

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