How To Burn Fat Quickly

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How to Burn Fat Quickly

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Fat loss is the only question that comes to our mind when we talk about obesity and health and fitness. Most of the population is unfit or suffering from obesity nowadays. When it comes to how to lose fat everyone has their own views. There are people who say just do dieting and you will lose fat and on the other hand there are people who say that do cardio to burn fat. Actually both of them are right but no one gives the perfect answer to fat loss. So here I am going to share some helpful tips on fat loss which are science based and proven by the best health coaches. 

What is your goal : 

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First of all, your goal should be clear about why you want to lose fat, how much, by what time etc. Everyone says that I want to loose fat please give me some diet but nobody gives the reason to loose fat. For example : Your goal can be to impress girls / boys, visiting the beach places, becoming model etc. Once you have a goal you are good to go. For example 1 year ago my goal was to lose fat and get a six pack abs as I was visiting Thailand for a trip. So I had a goal I started working on my diet and did proper workout to get my body in shape in one year and I achieved that goal in 10 months which my best transformation ever in my life. So first of all ask yourself what is my goal then start working. 

Be Active Outside The Gym : 

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To increase the fat loss faster and easier you need to increase your physical activity. Not only going to gym can burn your fat you need to be active outside as well. You should engage yourself in any games like swimming, basketball, badminton, squash, tennis etc where you can burn more calories daily to increase calorie deficit for yourself. One need to do a lot of HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) to burn more calories. Running on treadmills does not work as you are not walking that much but calories burnt are shown higher than you are walking. Daily step limit should be more than 10000 as A healthy person should walk more on a daily basis to maintain his fitness. Make a group with your friends for playing sports so that you and your friends can burn fat easily. 

Lower Carb Intake : 

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To reduce fat you need to cut out on carbohydrates like: potato, oats, grains, sweet potato. Why you need to reduce the carb intake ? Answer is that the carbs you eat provides you the energy to keep you moving and the fat and proteins you take gets stored by the body. Fats are being converted into fat when they are not used. The increased fat also leads to the disease like cancer, heart attack, breathing problems etc. Your body is not able to transfer blood to the area where there is increase fat and due to that increase fat you get heart attack. Lowering carb intake will use the energy from stored fats as you are not providing fat to the body it will use the stored fat to provide energy to the body. Once the stored fat is used you will see the fat loss taking place. That's why those who want to lose fat are recommended the ketogenic diet or low carb diet where the energy is not being provided by the carbs and used from fat to provide energy to the body. Your carb intake should not increase 20 % of your daily macros.

Remove All the Myths :

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There are lots of  myths that are made by people about the fat loss. 

1. Steam / Sauna reduces fat : It does not recuse weight or burn fat for a long time. The weight is lost during the steam or sauna because of the water retention by the body. When we sit in steam or sauna room for 20 min our body loses so much water in the form of sweat. That weight loss/ fat loss is temporary because once you drink 1/2 glass of water all the weight loss will be back. So do not follow the myths.

2. Fasting will reduce fat :  I have seen lots of people doing fasts for days and weeks to reduce fat. This will not reduce fat or weight for long time. If you do not provide proper food to the body it will start losing weight and fat but will also reduce the energy level in your body. You will start feeling lazy and will get tired faster. There are chances of getting ill when you do fasting. You will become weaker day by day. 

3. Gym is for fat loss : Most of the people think that they can burn fat by going to gym so they start gym to burn fat. Gym is not for fat loss. Its main purpose is to build / strengthen the muscles. If you are going to gym for fat loss and not getting any results then you are at wrong place. Going to gym helps in fat loss when you do HIIT, cardio to burn calories. Lifting weights will not help in any kind of fat loss.


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