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Finding Some Healthy Food Outside ??

We are always confused about what to eat when away from home. Here are the tips to choose food when away from home.Firstly I want to share my own experience when I am away from home. Our mind gives signal to our body that you are out of your home and you can have anything you want to eat. Our body adapts what our mind says. Mind is the only thing we have to control If we want to stop our cravings of outside food like: Burger, Pizza, Cold Drinks, French fries etc. ( All unhealthy foods ). I always used to find something sweet or delicious food when I was away from home. I could not control my mind from having unhealthy food and used to eat all the wrong stuff when outside. When I started reading books and stories, I started controlling my mind first which is the cause and cure of all the problems. 

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Be the Driver of your mind not the passenger

1. Look for Protein Rich Foods 

Always look for the foods that are rich in protein when outside. There options like Roasted Chicken Subway Sandwich, Chicken Malai Tikka, Fish Tikka, Egg omelette etc. Try to have protein rich foods in lunch or snacks. Avoid having protein rich foods in dinner as it keeps you fulland the energy is stored into fat because of no physical activity.

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2. Go For Salad

  1. Whenever you are away form home always look for the salad as that can not be processed. As we all know fast foods are processed in oils that contains unhealthy fats. Look for salad with olive oil dressing on it as it gives you the healthy fats and high energy. Include all veggies in salad like: cucumber, spinach, lettuce, bell peppers, broccoli etc. These vegetables provides you the proper nutrients that are needed to make our body function properly. Vegetables are good for those who have vitamins deficiency. You can go for subway salad with some chicken in that to get proper nutrients. 
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  3. 3. Do Not Let Power of Others Force You:
  4. This is the most difficult phase when you are looking for some healthy food to keep your body fit. There are lots of people who force us to stop having a good diet. They say today you can have anything. leave all diets and all. Inform your all friends and family members that you are going to eat healthy as you have made goals to stay fit and healthy. I used to go through this problem every time I was out with my friends and family members. They used to force me to eat unhealthy stuff as they enjoyed having that kind of food. I used to explain them but every time they would say leave it, do it from tomorrow, one day will not change anything etc. The best thing is to ask that I have been given warning by doctor to not eat all these unhealthy stuff due to some problem. After this no one is going to force you to eat something of their choice. 

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  6. 4. Carry A Box of Nuts

  7. Always carry a box of nuts with you when going outside as it gives you energy time to time. You get all the healthy nutrients too. Mix some nuts like: cashews, almonds, raisins, wall nuts, peanuts etc. These gives you the healthy fats to function your body properly. Easy to carry as you can eat anytime, anywhere. I always go out with one box of mixed nuts so that when I feel hungry I have something to eat. To stop yourself from eating unhealthy outside follow this rule to save your health for future. 
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  9. In the end I would conclude that there will be many obstacles that will stop you from having healthy food outside your home but you are your own boss. So do what you like and what you want. 
  10. Follow the above steps to be STAY HEALTHY & STAY YOUNG & LIVE LONG

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