Alkaline or Acidic Diet

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Which Type of Diet Is Good 

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Choice is Yours 

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Alkaline Diet : It is based on a idea that replacing acid- forming foods with alkaline foods can improve health 

It is also known as Acid-Alkaline diet or alkaline-ash diet. If you eat food that leave alkaline ash, it makes your

blood more alkaline .

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Alkaline Diet includes: Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Tofu etc.

Foods Not included: Dairy products, processed foods. 



1. Promotes Weight loss

2. Preventing Cancer

3. Treating or Preventing Heart Disease

4. Improve Growth Hormone Levels

5. Improving Back Pain

6. Preventing Osteoporosis

By choosing more alkaline foods, you should be able to alkalise your body and improve health.

Acidic Diet : It is opposite of Alkaline diet. If you eat food that leave acidic ash, it makes your blood more acidic.

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Food included: Chips, Coke, Oils, Fats, Sugar, French Fries, Burger, Pizza, Dairy products, Cheese etc. ( Unhealthy Foods )

Food not included: Fruits, Vegetables, Healthy fats, Tofu, Legumes etc. ( Healthy foods )


1. Makes you lazy

2. Increases weight & fat

3. Increase chances of Heart diseases and cancer

4. Does not prevent any disease


1.More alkaline the diet more healthy life you live.

2.Eat More fruits and vegetables to live longer. 

3. Alkaline diet is far better than the acidic diet.

4. Alkaline diet reduces cancer and other diseases while acidic does the reverse

    Acidic                           Alkaline

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