How to Swing Cricket Ball- Left Arm

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Left Arm Swing Bowling Tips Cricket

There are lots of fast bowlers in india but very few are the left arm fast bowlers. There is question How to swing ball in air that comes to everyone's mind. As cricket is our favourite game amongst all. We play cricket from our childhood. Some of us pursue in this career professionally so that we can play for Indian cricket team. Lots of fast bowlers are bowling fast and consistently but they are not getting wickets as they should. The main reason behind that is the Swing in the ball. Once our ball start swinging we start getting wickets.If you have good bowling speed and you add swing to that there are chances to get wickets easily.

This blog is for the left arm fast bowlers how to swing ball in air while bowling  so they can get wickets easily. There is a big advantage to the left arm bowlers as their ball swings in naturally to the right handed batsman. I am going to explain how to swing ball in air with scientific reasons.

  1.               Steps for How to swing ball in air in cricket

    1. Hold the new ball / semi-new ball from the seam

      2. Ball swings to the rough side

        3. Always shine the side from small stitches

          4. Keep your index finger beside the seam and middle finger on the seam

          5. Slightly tilt the seam towards fine leg

            6. Keep your non-bowling arm towards the off stump

              7. Fully extend the non-bowling arm


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